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Leaving your partner can be extremely difficult for your children. Therefore, it’s important that parents achieve an amicable split to lessen the impact that family separation can have. Our family lawyers endeavour to reach a solution early rather than go to court, however, if required we can draw on our vast experience of family law and family separation to guide you through the process.

With regards to family law, it is expected that each parent has shared parental responsibility for major long-term decisions for their children. This is discussed in the Family Law Act and is concerned with the powers that parents have over their children’s lives. Namely, it decides who can make decisions on a variety of aspects of the child’s life, like where they go to school, any medical issues the child may face and the child’s name. In some circumstances, it is possible to be granted sole parental responsibility of the children, however, the Family Law Act emphasises both parents working together to discuss the needs of the children on a long term basis and working on goals for their benefit. These responsibilities can be formalised in a parenting plan or through the use of parenting orders.

Joint parental responsibility in family law matters is quite a bit different to living arrangements, which determine what amount of time each child will spend with each parent and depend on quite a few things. Usually, living arrangements come down to how much time each parent would like to spend with the children, whether they are able to implement an appropriate living environment for the children and most importantly of all – what is best for your children’s long term future.

We regularly appear in the Family Law Court of Australia in relation to children’s matters and understand the importance of advocating your side strongly to ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.

If you would like to explore your options, contact us here so we can book you an obligation-free initial consultation.

At Melbourne Law Studio, we understand that divorce proceedings can be a stressful time filled with uncertainty. That’s why it is extremely important to us that our family law specialists reach an amicable solution that protects your assets and secures your family’s financial future.

Our expert family lawyers are skilled in mitigating the challenges that come with splitting assets and are experienced practising in the Family Law Court of Australia.

There are three parts to the divorce process in Australia. Firstly, the Family Law Courts of Australia will require that you and your partner have been separated for at least 12 months and have been married for a period of at least 2 years. During this period, at least one of you will have to consider the relationship to be over.

Secondly, with the help of a family law solicitor, you will need to identify what assets you have available in your asset pool and then begin the process of splitting them with your former partner. You may seek family law advice that instructs you to enter into a financial agreement or consent orders, which are things our family lawyers are able to assist with.

Finally, if you have children it is your responsibility to ensure there are plans in place for them to be looked after and cared for. Whether you choose to enter into a parenting plan or explore the option of sole parental responsibility, we have family law solicitors who can help you secure the best outcome for your children. Our family law experts will firstly walk you through the process of filing for a divorce and then aid you in the resolution of property and children matters.

Our team of family lawyers can provide concise advice relating to parenting orders and property settlement resolutions to ensure that you can look forward to building a new future.

Melbourne Law Studio will help you make an informed decision that protects your assets while still reaching an amicable split with your former partner, we offer an obligation-free zero-cost initial consultation so you can explore your options.

Get in touch with us on (03) 9021 1421 or please visit here to complete a contact form.

Dividing assets between you and your former partner can be complex. At Melbourne Law Studio, we have a team of specialists in family law who are well equipped to guide you through the property settlement process and ensure an amicable split of assets that will result in the best outcome for you and your family.

In regard to family law in Australia, there are four criteria that determine how assets are divided. Firstly, the pool of assets must be identified. The asset pool refers to many things, including real estate, business, cars, jewellry and cash. It doesn’t actually matter whose name these assets are in as the Family Law Act captures anything that both parties might have an interest in.

Secondly, the financial and non-financial contributions of the relationship will be measured. It’s important to remember that the longer the marriage lasts, the assets that both parties owned prior to the marriage become less relevant. For example, if a couple has been together for longer than 10 years, the assets they owned prior to the relationship are practically irrelevant when dealing with family law matters.

Thirdly, the future needs of each party will be taken into consideration to determine how assets are split. There are a variety of factors that the Family Law Courts consider when splitting assets. For example, if one of the parties has an illness that may reduce their earning capacity, if one of the parties sacrificed their career advancement or skill development for the relationship and who will be the primary carer of the children, if there are any. These are called “future needs factors” and will require careful negotiation from a family law solicitor if you are entitled to a certain adjustment or if you feel the adjustment has been unfair to you.

Finally, the Family Law Court of Australia will ensure that the deal is “just and equitable” for each party.

Property settlement matters can be complex and stressful without a knowledgeable family lawyer. Contact our skilled divorce lawyers on (03) 9021 1421 to book an obligation-free initial consultation to explore your options.

Separating from your partner is a difficult experience for anyone, our family lawyers understand the impact that leaving your partner can have and endeavour to secure the best outcome for you and your family. At Melbourne Law Studio, we are empathetic to everyone’s unique circumstances, yet stand firm when it comes to securing your future.

When dealing with family law matters, having a compassionate and understanding family lawyer who understands the challenges and uncertainty you are dealing with will make a world of difference throughout the legal proceedings. Our family law solicitors are experts in the field and can draw on their varied experience to offer you insightful and honest legal advice that will ease the family separation process.

Our family lawyers can assist you in a number of areas, including property settlement, parenting and children, divorce and intervention orders.

Our family lawyers utmost priority is to secure the best outcome for our clients. We have a team of experts in family law who are more than happy to assist you in our Melbourne CBD office or we have several suburban locations including Elsternwick, Toorak or St Kilda.

If you’re interested in discussing your family law matter, we can set up an obligation-free initial consultation where we can discuss your options for absolutely zero cost.

Call us on (03) 9021 1421 or please visit here to complete a confidential contact form.

If you have experienced family violence or have been threatened in some way, it’s possible to seek an intervention order to protect you. If the intervention order is part of a family law dispute, our family law solicitors are more than capable in aiding you through the application or defending you in court.

There are two types of intervention orders:

  • Personal Safety Intervention order; and
  • Family Violence Intervention Order (where the protected person or respondent are family members)

If you are in the process of defending an intervention order, it is extremely important that you get in touch with one of our family law solicitors so that we can provide the right advice to you from an early stage. The majority of intervention orders include a clause that stops you from speaking to your former partner, if you break this clause you may face imprisonment. Appointing a skilled family law expert who can speak to your former partner on your behalf is vital to ensure you have the best chance of defending the intervention order.

The entire process can take between six months and a year, our family lawyers will be there every step of the way to advise you on the best steps to take to make sure that you are successful in either attaining or defending an intervention order. Our family lawyers will fight to ensure the best outcome for you.

Should you wish to discuss applying for or defending an intervention order, please visit here or call our family lawyers on (03) 9021 1421 to book an obligation-free initial consultation. All information is confidential.

Mediation is a key component in family law matters as it allows both parties to come together with their family lawyers and attempt to resolve the dispute. Family Law mediation allows individuals to decide the best outcome and significantly reduces legal fees and the emotional instability that dealing with the courts can bring.

With the majority of family law cases, mediation is simply the best way to go about things. It enables both parties to come together and reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial while avoiding waiting in line for a judge to give you a verdict that neither party is particularly happy with. In particular relation to family law matters regarding children, mediation gives both parents the opportunity to seek an outcome that works for them, while still keeping the children’s needs at the forefront.

Whether it be a mediation relating to parenting arrangements or property settlement resolution, family law mediation is certainly the optimal way for parents to resolve their disputes and achieve an amicable split.

If an agreement is able to be reached, then it can be confirmed in a parenting plan or with consent orders. We can offer an obligation free, zero cost initial consultation where one of our family law solicitors will walk you through your options and advise you on whether mediation is the best option for your family.

To speak to a family lawyer about family law mediation, call us on (03) 9021 1421 or please visit here to complete an online enquiry form and we will be in contact with you shortly.

At Melbourne Law Studio, we’ve got your legal concerns covered. Book your free 15-minute consultation today to see how we can help.

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