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Navigating a Divorce is Often Complicated. With Our Team, It Doesn’t Have to Be.

From the division of assets to child custody arrangements, there are several moving parts to consider. When you entrust Melbourne Law Studio with your case, you can rest assured that all of these nitty gritty details will be handled with the utmost care. Blending empathy and expertise, our legal team uses a unique approach to help you get through your divorce as seamlessly as possible.

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For many, separating from your partner and filing for divorce is a difficult process that can cause immense emotional distress. Ending a marriage and leaving your partner is an extremely turbulent time filled with an array of challenges, so it’s important that you have an understanding divorce lawyer who will explain your options to you. If you have children, achieving an amicable split that results in the best possible outcome for all parties involved is imperative to ensure your family can move on and look towards a brighter future.

Our Australian divorce lawyers understand that this can be a trying time full of uncertainty and stress.

We’re here to aid you through the process and advise you on the best ways to protect your assets and make the right decisions regarding custody and property settlement.

In regard to family law and family separation in Australia, there are three parts to the process that our divorce lawyers can help you with.

  • The divorce itself (the formal termination of the marriage)
  • The resolution of property matters; and
  • The resolution of children’s matters

Most people believe that a divorce is the entire process of separating from their partner and dividing assets, when in actuality the divorce process itself is quite separate to the division of property and children’s matters.

To apply for a divorce in Australia and achieve family separation, you must make an application with the help of a divorce lawyer to the Court or Registrar to formally terminate the marriage. In order for our divorce lawyers to enable you to secure a divorce, you and your partner need to be separated for 12 months. This means that you and your partner must have lived separately and apart for a period of 12 months and that during this time one, or both, of you considered that the relationship has broken down.

If you have children, proper arrangements must be put in place to ensure their welfare before a court will grant you a divorce. Our expert divorce lawyers will assist you in this procedure and will help you prepare and apply for the divorce as a part of property settlement and any matters involving children.

Divorce is a separate process and doesn’t take into account the financial or property settlement. In order to achieve family separation and make financial decisions for your future, most people want to resolve these matters as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our divorce lawyers are qualified to handle even the most difficult of circumstances to make sure you are entitled to what you deserve. Issues can arise when individuals are not aware of what the pool of assets is or how it should be divided; allow our divorce lawyers to guide you through this process.

Our separation lawyers can also assist with matters relating to any spousal maintenance that must be paid.

It is important to remember that certain things, like initial contributions to the marriage, erode over time and become less relevant the longer you are married.​

It is possible for both parties to agree to a Financial Settlement which involves entering into a binding financial agreement or consent orders. If the matter is unable to be resolved in this way, it is likely the parties will commence legal proceedings with the assistance of divorce lawyers and go to court.

Regarding children’s matters, the law can help decide

  • Who the children will reside with most of the time
  • What amount of time a child will spend with the other parent
  • How much financial support will be provided by each parent
  • How education and health needs are be being met

To formalise the care of children you can enter into a Parenting Plan. This is an informal process that our divorce lawyers can assist with however it is not enforceable in court. Due to the fact that Parenting Plans are unable to be enforced in court, it is possible that a Parenting Plan could be drafted by a divorce lawyer only for the other party not to adhere to it and cause further issues with your family separation.

Typically, the best option is to enter into consent orders. Consent orders are enforceable in court and allows the parties to agree on a time that each child will spend with the parent.

This method requires careful negotiation between both divorce lawyers in order to get it right, however it is the best option for many families. Consent orders require both parties to comply and are subject to any agreed departure from the consent orders.

If for whatever reason an agreement is unable to be reached, our divorce lawyers are experienced in dealing with contested children matters and will work tirelessly to ensure the matter is resolved as quickly as possible. If our separation lawyers are unable to resolve the matter, it will go to a final hearing.

If you are trying to reach an agreement, our divorce lawyers are committed to helping you reach a resolution quickly and effectively. Our divorce lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience within the family law court system and can help you make an informed decision that achieves an amicable split of assets.

We treat every case with respect and empathy, taking great care to ensure you are informed of your options at every step of the divorce proceedings and other aspects of your family law matter. Our separation lawyers can meet you in our Melbourne CBD office or we have several suburban locations including Elsternwick, Toorak or St Kilda, wherever is more convenient for you.

Due to our firm being very experienced in matters relating to divorce and marriage, our divorce lawyers can usually fix our fees for this service and provide you with certainty on the price.

We offer obligation-free initial consultations that are completely free of charge. Our friendly team of divorce lawyers will take great care to ensure you are up to speed in relation to your case and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision that will enable you to look forward to a better future.

Contact Us on (03) 9021 1421 and speak to one of our expert divorce lawyers today to explore all of your options and begin moving to a brighter future.

When a marriage ends, the thought of leaving your partner and beginning the process of family separation is often overwhelming. There are many decisions that need to be made that can have a huge impact on your family and future and having an expert separation lawyer will make all the difference

If you aren’t well informed or are dealing with a divorce lawyer who doesn’t have your best interests in mind it can start to feel like you have extremely limited options. At Melbourne Law Studio, we employ a determined team of divorce lawyers who are more than capable of guiding you through this difficult time and achieving an amicable split between you and your partner, whether you want to initiate divorce proceedings or have received an application for divorce.

When dealing with family law matters or family separation, one of our divorce lawyers will contact you to organise a process interview where we will explore your options, answer any questions you may have and alleviate any uncertainty you may be feeling.

The first meeting is completely obligation free and we will not require any upfront payment or commitment from you. Our expert divorce lawyers will answer any questions you might have and provide you with insight on what your next steps should be.

Our team of divorce lawyers have vast experience in dealing with even the most difficult of circumstances, approaching each case with the empathy and respect that our clients deserve.

Leaving your partner and navigating the complicated process of family separation is a draining and emotionally taxing experience for anybody. Our qualified divorce lawyers are experts at handling family law matters and will endeavour to find a resolution to your problem as effectively and quickly as possible.

We employ separation lawyers who are down to earth and empathetic to each client’s problems. Providing you with all the options and information you require to make an informed decision is incredibly important to us. Our Australian divorce lawyers are considerate of our client’s desires yet will stand firm when dealing with opposing parties.

It is incredibly important to us that we maintain a high standard of work and our divorce lawyers work diligently to achieve an outcome that is best for you. Get in contact with our divorce lawyers today on (03) 9021 1421 or visit here.

You can meet with us in our Melbourne CBD office or we have offices located in St Kilda, Elsternwick and Toorak as well.

In Australia, to finalise a divorce it is required that both parties be separated for a period of at least 12 months. In some cases, it is quite possible for both parties to be considered separated while still living under the same roof and be successful in obtaining a divorce. This is usually related to financial reasons and has to be proved by filing for an affidavit with the help of a divorce lawyer, which will state that you and your partner have both been separated.

It is required that the marriage has been ongoing for at least two years at the date of application for divorce. If you and your partner have not actually been married that long, then you will need to prove to the Court that both of you have tried to attend family counselling together and resolve your issues. Usually, an intervention order filed by a divorce lawyer is enough to allow for both parties to not have to attend counselling with each other.

Once both parties have been considered separated for at least 12 months and married for 2 years or more, one of our divorce lawyers will be able to assist you in applying for a divorce. Our separation lawyers will complete the application electronically and provide you with a copy to read through and agree with. From there, the application will need to be signed before an authorised witness before being sent to the Court.

You will then receive a hearing date from the Court, which under usual circumstances you will not be required to attend. As long as all required provisions have been met, a Registrar will file a divorce order which will confirm that the marriage is ended. One of our divorce lawyers will provide you with the electronic certificate.

At Melbourne Law Studio, we’ve got your legal concerns covered. Book your free 15-minute consultation today to see how we can help.

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