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No one wants to get stuck in a bad lease. That’s why it’s so important to understand your legal and financial obligations before you sign a commercial lease agreement in Victoria.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, Melbourne Law Studio’s team of expert commercial lease lawyers can help you avoid retail and commercial leasing missteps by providing cost-effective legal advice with your best interest in mind.

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At Melbourne Law Studio, we understand that entering into a commercial lease agreement in Victoria is a big decision. It’s a decision that can significantly impact the success and value of your business or your property in the long run.

Our commercial and retail lease lawyers have extensive experience performing commercial lease reviews, interpreting commercial lease agreements, and offering insightful legal advice for landlords and tenants across various industries. Our years of experience means we are familiar with the Property Law Act 1958 and the Retail Leases Act 2003.

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A commercial lease refers to the leasing of commercial property used for large scale operations. These include offices, industrial sites and warehouses where there is no retail activity.

Another difference between retail and commercial leases are the costs. In a retail lease, tenants and landlords are responsible for their own expenses. Conversely, it’s not uncommon for tenants to pay for the landlord’s legal costs in commercial leases.

If you would like more information regarding commercial or retail leases, please don’t hesitate to contact our commercial lease lawyers today.

Signing a commercial lease agreement doesn’t usually happen in a flash. The amount of time it can take to finalise the details depends on the complexity of the lease. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to negotiate a lease agreement that protects both the landlord and tenant’s best interests.

When looking for commercial property in Melbourne, it’s highly recommended to get an expert commercial property lawyer to review the lease before you sign it. That way, you fully understand the terms and financial obligations from the outset.

In short, yes, a commercial lease can be broken. However, because the lease is a legally binding contract, the landlord or the tenant can simply decide one day to the next that they want to get out of the agreement. We suggest you double-check your lease’s terms to determine under which circumstances you can terminate the lease.

Anyone can sign a commercial lease. However, doing so without guidance from an experienced commercial lease lawyer is unwise. Leases often include finicky details related to contract law. So it’s best to have a knowledgeable lawyer by your side, making sure you get the best deal possible for yourself.

In addition, hiring a professional commercial lease lawyer will ensure that several important issues are clarified before signing the contract.

Key questions include:


  • What is the duration of the lease and the terms for renewing it?
  • Who bears the cost of water usage, electricity and other expenses?
  • How are repairs and maintenance performed, and by which party?
  • Is the landlord or tenant responsible for fixtures and fit-outs?

If the above issues are not clarified in the lease, disputes may arise. In that case, you may need to hire a commercial lease lawyer.

If you need help resolving a commercial lease dispute, don’t hesitate to contact our Melbourne Litigation Lawyers today.

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