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Are you getting divorced or separated in Australia?

Consult a Melbourne family lawyer to help you through the family mediation process. Using mediation to come to an agreement, the team at Melbourne Law Studio can help you gain more control over the process and avoid a painful court battle. The situations when you need family mediation can come during incredibly sensitive times. For this reason, our expert team wants to help every client find a fair and level-headed agreement.

How Does Family Mediation Work?

First, we can sit down with both of you across a table and help you reach an agreement informally. That is the best-case scenario. When informal mediation has not worked, couples often turn to the more formal Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) process. Our FDR-accredited practitioners lead this type of mediation. To apply for a Parenting Order from a family law court Melbourne divorcing couples typically need an FDR certificate. FDR is a common form of family mediation in Australia. In some cases, a judge may order a family court mediation process.
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What Should I Expect from the Family Mediation Process?

During family mediation, a Melbourne family lawyer, mediator, or FDR practitioner helps the separating couple talk over their issues and come to an agreement. The goal of the mediation process is to avoid family court proceedings. It allows the couple to reach an outcome that benefits and satisfies both of them.

The mediator serves as a neutral third party. They facilitate the process without taking sides or making decisions. By encouraging the participants to talk openly and honestly, the mediator helps them identify the areas where they disagree. This person also points out available options and ways to fair compromises. The mediator helps keep the focus on the needs of everyone involved, including the children.

Through mediation, participants can reach an agreement on decisions regarding:

  • Parenting and parental responsibilities
  • Property and estate
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child support

The Main Benefits of Family Mediation

The mediation process tries to help a couple or family find common ground. Its goal is to reach an agreement in a calm, non-hostile environment by using open and focused communication.

Reaching a Mutual Agreement

Participating in mediation allows you, rather than a judge, to determine the outcome directly. With a mediator’s help, you and your divorcing partner work out a solution that meets the needs of all involved. To avoid a bitter battle in family court Melbourne couples should aim to reach a mediated resolution.

Keeping Disputes Confidential

Applying to the court exposes your family’s affairs to the public, however, with mediation, you can keep the matter private. This approach reduces stress and makes it easier to reach an agreement.

Preserving Significant Relationships

With mediation, negotiation does not occur in a hostile or adversarial environment. This less stressful situation makes it easier to preserve family relationships.

Defining Parenting Arrangements

Mediation is especially beneficial when creating a parenting arrangement and custody agreement. Even though you and your partner may be divorcing, you will remain parents of your children. Thus, maintaining a positive relationship will keep your children healthier from an emotional standpoint.

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What Our Family Law Mediation Services Include

Find a Melbourne family lawyer who offers separation and child custody mediation services at Melbourne Law Studio. We will help you reach the best outcome while reducing legal fees and saving you valuable time. After reaching an agreement, we will help you confirm it through a consent order, custody agreement or parenting plan. That way, you will not need to go through the emotional turmoil of court proceedings.

To start the process of mediating a dispute, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. This meeting will be free of charge. During your first consultation, one of our family law solicitors will consider your options. Then we will advise you as to whether mediation is the best option for resolving your dispute.

What Questions Our Clients Ask Us...

At Melbourne Law Studio, we’ve got your legal concerns covered. Book your free 15-minute consultation today to see how we can help.

Family Law Mediation FAQs

To prepare for mediation, schedule a meeting with your lawyer to draw up a memorandum for the mediator. The memo should contain all the information that the mediator needs to know about your case, including the mediation objectives. You should also prepare the first offer and make a list of non-negotiables.

How many mediation sessions you will need will depend on various factors. These include how many issues you want to resolve, how complex they are, and the nature of your relationship with your divorcing spouse. The willingness of both people to step away from conflict and resolve the issues in a friendly way is a significant factor.

A state-registered mediator in family law is an independent practitioner who meets the accreditation standards of a family dispute resolution (FDR) practitioner under the Family Law Regulations 2008. Family law mediators can mediate disputes for independent firms or family relationship centres.

Whether or not a mediator has legal knowledge depends on their background and the type of disputes they mediate. Most family law mediators are qualified lawyers or barristers. However, some mediators have a background in psychiatry or mental health.

Even if mediators do not come from a legal background, they should be able to give information about family laws and regulations. Remember that mediators are impartial, so they do not give legal advice during mediation.

Family law mediation can be successful even if there is a history of drug abuse or violence. However, the mediator needs to make sure that all parties feel safe during the process. The partner who has a history of drug abuse also needs to stay sober. They should be able to understand what the decisions they make will mean for them.

If one party feels intimidated by another, the mediator can arrange a shuttle mediation, meaning communication with each person will be conducted separately.

Ideally, mediation should start as soon as the couple agrees to resolve their dispute outside of court. If you are not sure whether your divorcing spouse is willing to go through mediation with you, schedule a free consultation with a Melbourne family lawyer in our team at the Melbourne Law Studio. Call us on 03 9021 1421 or contact us online.

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