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family lawyers in st kilda, Melbourne

Having a dedicated family lawyer on your side who will fight for you and use their expertise to find a resolution to your issue is a massive help. At Melbourne Law Studio, we realise that separating from your partner and beginning the process of family separation is incredibly daunting.

Which is why our experienced team of family lawyers in St Kilda, approach each case with the empathy and respect it deserves. Our family lawyers can provide advice across a wide range of family law matters and are skilled in dealing with even the most intricate circumstances.

During divorce proceedings, most people experience intense emotions of stress and uncertainty. Our team family lawyers in St Kilda, pride themselves on showing our clients the respect their personal issues deserve, ensuring that you remain level-headed and make choices that will benefit you and your family in the future.

We always aim to achieve an amicable split between both parties and our family lawyers in St Kilda, take great satisfaction in offering our clients direct and sensible advice so they attain the best possible outcome for themselves.

If you’re ready to explore your options and start looking towards a brighter future, we’re here to help.

Child custody

Family Law

Our dedicated family lawyers based in St Kilda, Melbourne assist people in resolving the legal aspects of their family relationships in an understanding and compassionate way. Family law matters can arise at any time during the relationship, as such, our family lawyers in St Kilda, Melbourne can offer clear, honest advice across a variety of family law issues. These include family law mediation, applying for and defending against intervention orders as well as any property or financial settlements that must be dealt with. As most family law matters are quite complex and emotional, having a lawyer who can sift through the issue and come to a logical resolution will save both you and your family a great deal of amount of stress.

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Divorce & Separations

Filing for divorce and separating from your partner is emotionally exhausting. Our family lawyers in St Kilda, Melbourne want to alleviate any uncertainty and stress you feel during this period by being honest with you about your situation and providing the right advice to ensure your family has a better future. Our family lawyers in St Kilda, Melbourne are able to assist in guiding you through the divorce process and will help ensure that the pool of assets is properly identified and divided. Issues tend to arise when the asset pool hasn’t been properly identified as it can lead to you missing out on what you’re entitled to, so allow us to use our expertise to ensure you get a fair split of the assets. Our family lawyers in St Kilda, Melbourne will also help in dealing with any matters relating to parenting orders as well as drafting financial agreements.

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Children Matters

Children need certainty. So, ensuring that the right decisions regarding their future are made during the divorce process is incredibly important. Whether you decide to formalise the care of your children through consent orders or by entering into a parenting plan, our family lawyers in St Kilda, Melbourne are positive that we can provide intuitive advice to assist in the process. Furthermore, we also offer advice on a variety of custody and child support issues.

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