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Leaving your partner and navigating the tricky process of family separation is a complicated and confusing time for anyone. It’s important that you have a family lawyer who is knowledgeable in the area of family law and can use their expertise to mitigate any issues that may arise with your case.

We have a team of expert family lawyers in Toorak who provide advice across a wide range of family law matters and are experienced in dealing with even the most complex circumstances.

Our family lawyers in Toorak take pride in offering our clients direct and competent advice to ensure they achieve the best possible outcome for themselves and achieve an amicable split with their former partner.

Personal disputes can often become a messy affair, especially when the relationship between you and the other party has reached a breaking point. Our family lawyers in Toorak take the stress out the situation by offering you legal advice that seeks to secure the best outcome for you.

We treat our clients with the respect they deserve and are empathetic when dealing with your personal issues. We understand that emotions often run high during divorce proceedings, allow us to help you make informed decisions that will impact your life for the better.

If you want to give yourself the best possible chance at success in dealing with your family law matter, don’t wait. Get in touch with family lawyers in Toorak office so we can explore your options today.

Child custody

Family Law

We help people resolve the legal aspects of their family relationship issues and offer honest, direct advice that seeks to reach an amicable agreement between all parties involved. Our team of family lawyers in Toorak treat all our clients like family because when you’re dealing with intensely personal matters it’s important to have someone you can trust to offer impartial advice. Our expert family lawyers in Toorak are more than able to assist in a variety of family law issues, including family law mediation, intervention orders and property settlement.

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Divorce & Separations

Our family lawyers in Toorak are experts at navigating the difficult process of divorce and separation. We provide honest and direct advice so that you are well-informed when making decisions that hold a lot of bearing on your family’s future. Our team of family lawyers in Toorak can walk you through the process of formally filing for divorce, as well as helping you make the proper arrangement in relation to children’s matters. After those arrangements have been made, we will help you identify your asset pool and achieve an amicable split of assets that sets you up for the future. If you don’t have a divorce lawyer who can offer you the right advice, it’s likely that you’ll feel that the split of assets was unfair or you didn’t get what you want. Our family lawyers in Toorak will offer insightful advice and fight vigorously on your behalf to ensure that the split of assets sets you up for a better future. Our family lawyers in Toorak are also able to assist in drafting financial agreements that are beneficial for both parties.

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Children Matters

It’s important that the right decisions are made regarding children during the divorce process so that they can have security in their future. Children can often feel alienated and stressed out during the divorce process, especially if both parents aren’t on speaking terms. For them, it can feel like their world has turned upside down and they’re stuck in the middle of a battlefield. Our family lawyers in Toorak understand that this process can be incredibly stressful – especially when you have to consider your children’s future. Our family lawyers in Toorak are more than equipped to formalise the care of your children, whether you choose that to be through consent orders or by entering into a parenting plan. We can also offer advice on a variety of custody and child support issues.

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