What is Family Law and What Does it Include?

What is family law

Family law is a broad area of legal practice focusing on family matters. Depending on the particular law firm, this can include divorce, marriage, adoption, child custody, estate planning and more. At Melbourne Law Studio, we are the experienced team of family law lawyers Melbourne clients can trust for representation in family court proceedings, mediating disputes or helping to draft and file legal documentation. Below we look at the most common areas of family law and what they involve. 

Divorce and Separation

Divorce involves making an application to the court to legally dissolve your marriage after at least 12 months of separation. While this process does not require a family lawyer, a lawyer will help you file a divorce application and can offer advice on how the divorce impacts other matters such as parenting arrangements and property ownership. At this time, it is likely that you will need someone who can guide you through the process.

Parenting Arrangements

Separating from your partner can impact children in the relationship. Melbourne family lawyers can help draft a parenting agreement that is effective, fair and takes into consideration practicality and unique dynamics in your family. We can mediate potential or existing disputes over parenting arrangements, helping to find compromises that ensure both parties can maintain meaningful relationships with their child as well as meeting requirements of the family court.

Property Division

If you have recently separated from or divorced your partner, deciding how to divide property and other assets fairly can be complex and stressful. According to the family court Melbourne couples have a 12-month period following divorce where division of assets must be dealt with. Family lawyers can help you protect your rights and reach a fair outcome for splitting assets with your former partner.

Estate Planning

Family lawyers can help with the distribution of assets after an individual has passed and other areas of estate planning. This includes drafting wills, determining who has power of attorney and setting up safeguards to ensure your wishes are conducted after your passing.

Contact a Melbourne Family Lawyer for Advice

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