What Does a Business Lawyer Do & Do You Need One? VIC

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Legal missteps can create significant issues for any business. A business lawyer can help avoid this as well as assisting in various other ways, from drafting effective contracts to offering tailored advice when legal issues arise.

Legal advice helps you to make informed decisions about tax, employment, investments, commercial leases, contracts, shareholders agreements and more. Below, Melbourne Law Studio looks at some of the ways a business lawyer could help you and your business. 

Business Structure Advice

Choosing the right structure for your business is essential and the benefits of separating your business legally can be numerous. A commercial lawyer can advise you on the best structure for your business, considering legal liabilities, tax benefits and more.

Contract Drafting and Shareholders Agreement

Commercial lawyers can help draft important legal documents such as a shareholders agreement, employment contracts, privacy policies, cease and desist letters and more. Professional legal assistance is essential for contract drafting to ensure the contract is enforceable and appropriately covers the necessary scope.

Ensure Compliance 

To help them stay compliant to regulatory standards, businesses employ commercial lawyers. Commercial lawyers are required to maintain their knowledge of the latest legislation and changes in law in order to provide up-to-date advice and guidance for how legislation may affect your business and its obligations. This might include advice on legal standards for anything from operating a business to employee safety, compensation and/or environmental impact.

Protect Your Business Legally

Commercial lawyers also help businesses protect their assets and property. For example, intellectual property such as logos, domain names, trademarks and registered designs. 

Commercial Lease Lawyer: Advice

As a business, rent is one of the biggest costs. A commercial lease lawyer can advise you on whether your lease is fair based on things like comparable properties, demand and your history as a tenant. Your lawyer can even negotiate for better lease terms on your behalf.

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

A dispute resolution lawyer can help mediate and deal with a range of business-related disputes including disputes between business partners, shareholders and between different businesses. If necessary, a business lawyer can also assist with commercial litigation. 

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