What are Consent Orders in Family Court? Melbourne

consent order

The Australian divorce process allows individuals who are going through marriage separation to enter into written agreements with the help of family lawyers. Such agreements usually involve mutually agreed terms regarding parenting, property, and spousal maintenance. In order for the agreement to be legally binding, both parties approach the court to formalise the agreement. If you need help drafting consent orders with the help of experienced family lawyers, contact Melbourne Law Studio today.

Benefits Of Consent Orders

Below, we explore some of the reasons why signing consent orders is highly beneficial to both parties.

Finalise Agreements

Consent orders are used to finalise and formalise parenting arrangements, property settlements and financial support for spouses. The orders are legally binding and both parties are required to follow them.

Avoid Disputes

Consent orders drafted by a skilled family lawyer helps avoid future disputes and misunderstandings. The orders outline the agreement in clear language and are only formalised once both parties agree. This reduces the likelihood of expensive court proceedings in the future.

Enforcing Agreements

Marriage separation proceedings are sometimes complicated and may involve estranged parties. In the event that one party refuses to comply with the consent orders, the aggrieved party can approach the courts for relief. This ensures that child support, spousal maintenance and property division agreements are honoured by both individuals.

Protecting Children

Consent orders are often used to formalise parenting arrangements between spouses. This provides clarity and stability for children as they adjust to significant changes in their lives.


Consent orders are serious legal agreements that cannot be changed unless both parties agree. They are a robust way to end conflicts between parties and to allow them to move on. Consent orders provide stability to individuals even if their personal relationships deteriorate over time, ensuring that property, income and standard of living remain stable.

Family Lawyers for Divorce and Separation in Melbourne 

Consent orders are one of the ways in which the Australian divorce process helps spouses reach agreements that benefit them and any children. Contact Melbourne Law Studio today with all your questions regarding consent orders for parenting rights, property division and more.

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