So, What Does a Divorce Cost in Melbourne?

Divorce cost

The Australian divorce process can be straightforward and inexpensive. When disputes and disagreements arise, this can change. An experienced, compassionate Melbourne family lawyer at Melbourne Law Studio can help you better understand the factors that influence the cost and guide you through the process. First, we discuss what is NOT covered in a divorce application.

Not Part of a Divorce Application Australia

Although they tend to be decided around the same time, division of assets and parenting arrangements are not part of the Australian divorce process. If there are disputes about dividing assets or parenting arrangements that require you to hire lawyers and go to court, these costs can run into the tens of thousands. Mediation services from a Melbourne family lawyer offer an alternative pathway to finding compromises to any disputes. Mediation, division of assets and parenting arrangements are separate to the divorce application process and, as such, will be billed separately.

Cost of a Divorce Application Australia

For a divorce application Australia based couples must currently pay $990 at the time of application. You may be eligible for a reduced fee of $340 if you are:

  • 18 or under
  • Living with financial hardship
  • Receiving Legal Aid
  • Receiving youth allowance, Austudy, or ABSTUDY payments
  • Are a prison inmate or are legally detained in a public institution
  • Hold a Department of Human Services healthcare card, pensioner concession card, or a Department of Veterans Affairs

Both you and your partner must be eligible for the reduced fee if you are filing a joint application, otherwise the full fee will apply.

Fixed Fee Divorce

Depending on the law firm submitting your divorce application, the fee for legal counsel will vary. Some lawyers tack on another fee every time you have a conversation with them, every time they reply to an email and for every letter they send to your former partner’s legal team. These fees can add up to a hefty legal bill at the end of the day.

At Melbourne Law Studio, however, we complete a divorce in Victoria for a fixed fee, regardless of how long it takes. With no surprises and no strings attached you can be sure that you know exactly what fee you will pay for your divorce application.

Flexible Payments

A divorce is a bad enough headache to deal with; add a legal bill and it can turn from a headache to a migraine. The team at Melbourne Law Studio speaks your language, offering payment arrangements to help make it less painful for you. If you need more time to make your payments, speak to our approachable team about creating a payment schedule that works for you.

Find Out More About How to Get a Divorce in Australia

At Melbourne Law Studio, we can easily guide you through the Australian divorce process. If you’ve got more questions about how to get a divorce in Australia, book a free 15-minute consultation today by calling 03 9021 1421 or contact us online.

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