How to Choose a Lawyer for Will Near Me

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Although nearly 60% of Australians have a will, there are trillions of dollars lost after people die. A significant portion of wills are contested in courts every year, with each family member wanting a share. If you want to avoid a family dispute happening over your estate, start looking for ‘will lawyers near me.’

Estate planning is complicated, so you need the services of a lawyer to help you manage it. Having a will is a sure-fire way to plan for your assets and family. You, therefore, eliminate potential family discord and plan a future for your dependents.

Ensuring the financial security and safety of your dependents is your key priority. Having the right lawyers can ensure that your property is protected properly and administered according to your exact wishes. Because of this, finding the right lawyer for us is essential. 

Wondering how to choose a lawyer for will near me? Continue reading to know more about what a will lawyer does and how to choose the best.

Choosing a lawyer for will near me

What Does a Will Lawyer in Melbourne Do?

Before finding a will lawyer in Melbourne, you must understand what they handle. Here’s a list of the professional services that a will lawyer near me can offer:

  • Plan for what will happen to your estate and wealth after you die (formulation of wills and trusts)
  • Set-up and manage trusts for dependents until they’re of legal age
  • Plan for incapacity like maintaining living wills and executing the power of attorney
  • Help with reduction of estate taxes
  • Avoid probates such as transfer on death deeds

All of the services will lawyers offer are pretty sensitive. We can’t emphasise enough the need to find will lawyers in Victoria that’ll uphold the highest professional standards. Otherwise, you risk losing your investments and leaving your dependents suffering.

How Do You Choose the Best Will lawyer Melbourne?

Finding a top-tier will lawyer near me is no easy feat. Here are some tips to help you make the right l selection.

Make a List of Potentials

Is this your first time looking for a will lawyer? You may have close to no idea about any options. Your first step should involve making a list of potentials.

Start by drafting your needs and expectations of the will lawyer you choose. Such requirements are the bar you set for your selection, and they help you avoid selling yourself short. You’ll thus find will lawyers in Melbourne that fit your criteria.

Conduct an internet search for will lawyers near me for local options. Ideally, typing “will lawyers” plus “Melbourne” offers you search results from your area. You can then create a list that you’ll work with throughout the will lawyer selection process.

Evaluate Their Qualifications

Now that your potential will lawyers are listed down, you have to vet the options. First up is checking through their qualifications. A qualified will lawyer guarantees professional services and is easier to work with.

Here are the aspects of qualification you have to check out:


How long has the will lawyer been in practice? The longer they’ve handled litigation, the better they understand the legal process. You can thus count on them to serve you satisfactorily.

Choosing will lawyers with years of experience gain critical skills that help them deliver high quality work. They’re also proven, which eases any concerns you may have about their legitimacy.

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Although general lawyers know how to draft a will and basic trusts, ensure that your attorney specialises in estate planning for an amazing experience.

Specialisation furnishes your lawyer with additional skills that help better their services. You’ll enjoy an easier time working with specialised will lawyers for maximum benefits. Their skills also apply to complicated situations, which they easily handle.

Check the Reputation

What do other people have to say about services the will lawyer offers? Checking their reputation is essential to help make a proper selection.

Consult with your trusted friends and family for reputable will lawyers near me. Their recommendations stem from past professionals they’ve worked with. You can be sure that the choice is impressive since the recommendations are honest.

Check the will lawyer’s website reviews since they expound on their services. Such reviews are from past clients and are readily available for a quick evaluation.

Ask will lawyers in Victoria for referrals for a one-on-one talk about their experience. The referrals can answer your questions for better insight into the lawyer’s reputation.

Beware of doctored reviews on the will lawyer’s website since they can be misleading. For an accurate opinion, check the industry association’s website ratings.

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Evaluate Their Lawyer Fees

How much do you have to spend on the will lawyer’s services? You’ll have to deal with the service charge when choosing lawyers for a will in Australia. Settle for options that are reasonably priced and offer you the much-needed value.

You most likely have a budget to work with when hiring the living will lawyer. Therefore, you must choose a lawyer who doesn’t go beyond your budget limits.

Request an estimate and compare it with the industry average to ensure they’re well priced. Go for affordable options to avoid straining your finances after paying them.

There are mainly two fee structure options for legal fees: hourly billing and flat fees. Hourly rates are charged based on a specific price multiplied by the time they handle your case. You need more time handling all the paperwork with will lawyers, so hourly billing can be expensive.

Flat fees for will lawyers in Melbourne is ideal since you pay a specific fee regardless of the time used. Check out any payment plans your lawyer might have for hassle-free financing. You can thus settle the legal fees flexibly, meaning you don’t have to stretch your finances.

Schedule an Interview With Your Will lawyer

You might have realised that you’ll have to work with the will lawyer for long. It would be best to find a will lawyer with whom you’re compatible. Book a free consultation with your will lawyer for a face-to-face interview.

Here’s how scheduling the interview with the will lawyer helps you:

Check Their Personality

You and your lawyer must be compatible for an easy time working together. To determine if you’re compatible, you must evaluate the will lawyer’s personality.

Elements such as commitment and transparency are essential in their line of work. You also need them to ascertain your wealth is in good hands and that your will is passed on in your demise.

Trust your gut on the will lawyer in Melbourne selection. You’ll likely know if they’re a good option within fifteen minutes of talking to them, which is essential.

Ask Questions

The legal system can be a bit complicated, so it’s understandable if you have questions. Your questions deserve definitive and professionally-crafted answers. Consultation is the opportunity to ask away any queries you may have for the correct answers.

The best will lawyer offers sound legal advice when you need it. The lawyer should answer such questions at no obligation or additional costs. If you’re charged for asking questions, it’s advisable to look for the services elsewhere.

Evaluate the Retainer Agreement

Now that you’ve settled on a will lawyer Melbourne, there’s still the formality issue. You’ll be required to sign a retainer agreement to start working with the will lawyer officially.

Read through the fine print of the retainer agreement and ensure you understand everything before signing. Once you agree to the lawyer’s terms, you contend with some degree of liability. Ensure the terms are favourable by carefully re-reading the agreement.

Choose a Lawyer for Will Near Me

Finding a top will lawyer in Melbourne shouldn’t be a complicated task. The above guide has essential tips that will help make choosing a lawyer for will near me easier. A good will lawyer is your best bet at protecting your family’s wealth even after you die.

Melbourne Law Studio is your go-to estate planning firm. Our experts are down-to-earth lawyers who are responsive to any queries for sound legal advice. You can count on us for a personalised experience as you formulate your will.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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