Everything a Dispute Resolution Lawyer Can Assist You with in Melbourne

Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Dispute resolution lawyers can help resolve legal disputes between businesses, employees and employers, business partners and shareholders, and more. This can help fairly resolve matters while avoiding expensive and timely court proceedings. 

At Melbourne Law Studio, our team has extensive experience in business dispute law and can manage a variety of business-related disputes at both the litigation and dispute resolution stages. Below we outline some of the areas we can help with.

What Does Dispute Resolution Cover?

Business dispute resolution processes are aimed at resolving commercial conflicts out of court. It can cover a broad range of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Contract breaches
  • Director, partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Unfair dismissal and other employment issues
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Intellectual property and trademark disputes
  • Franchise disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Supply chain disputes
  • Issues over business sales and purchases

Having the appropriate contracts, agreements, policies and records in place can help resolve disputes faster. In some cases, however, unique circumstances warrant assistance from a dispute resolution lawyer to navigate a complex business, employment or contractual issue.

Benefits of Dispute Resolution

When the choice is between litigation and dispute resolution, the latter offers a less stressful, less costly and easier pathway to resolving an issue. As a neutral third-party with expertise in commercial law, a dispute resolution lawyer can offer advice, potential solutions and compromises while taking into account each party’s rights and obligations under relevant laws. 

Mediation is also often required by the court before litigation can take place. For dispute resolution processes to successfully work, both parties must be open to potential compromises.

Formal Commercial Litigation 

If the dispute cannot be resolved during a dispute resolution process, a business litigation lawyer can also advise you on and guide you through the commercial litigation process. This involves preparing a strategy to secure the best possible outcome in the court or tribunal best suited to the dispute at hand.

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