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For most employers, it’s almost impossible to know enough about employment law. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the ever-changing federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Our employment lawyers understand that running a business and employment law are linked. That’s why we are committed to providing fast and practical advice on all matters relating to workplace law.

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As an employee, it is your right to work in a safe environment, with promised benefits, and the assurance that your employer complies with current labour laws.

Our law team of savvy employment and unfair dismissal lawyers have extensive experience acting for plaintiffs and defendants across a wide range of workplace issues, that can occur between employer and employee.

From employment contracts and enterprise agreements, to handling unfair dismissals and conducting workplace investigations, leave employment law to Melbourne Law Studio.

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Our law firm offers services in the following areas of workplace law:

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Our law firm offers services in the following areas of workplace law:


Employment law regulates the employer-employee relationship. It covers the rights, obligations and responsibilities between employers and employees. Employment law issues include wages, workplace safety, discrimination and wrongful termination.

Whether a business has two or two thousand employees, the business is most likely to use an employment contract lawyer at some stage of the business’ lifecycle.

The primary sources of employment law in Australia are:

  • legislation (federal, state and territory laws)
  • industrial instruments
  • common law


The common goal is to protect both employers’ and workers’ rights.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure their employees’ workplace is a safe and secure working environment. That is free from bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment. 

More importantly, employers must follow Australian employment law as set out in the Fair Work Act 2009. This critical section of employment law describes the minimum terms and conditions for most workers in Australia covered by the national workplace relations system.

The National Employment Standards (NES), contained in the Fair Work Act 2009, provides 11 minimum rights that apply to most employees in the private sector. 

These include:

  • Maximum hours of work
  • Notice of termination of employment and redundancy pay
  • Public holidays 
  • Paid and unpaid leave


It’s essential to note that different laws apply to different types of workers.

Read here to determine whether you are employed under state or Commonwealth law or as an employee or engaged as an independent contractor.

Contact the Fair Work Ombudsman to find out about your rights and obligations under Commonwealth employment law.

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