Differences Between Commercial and Corporate Law, VIC

While corporate and commercial law have a lot in common, they specialise in certain aspects related to a business venture. Whether you are looking for a specialist business lawyer Melbourne entrepreneurs rely on, or a commercial lawyer Melbourne companies trust for consumer law-related matters, the first step is to understand what each lawyer offers.

In this blog, Melbourne Law Studio outlines the key responsibilities of both fields and the areas in which they specialise.

Duties of a Corporate Lawyer

Corporate law largely concerns itself with the rights, conduct and relations of a business. It deals with the structure companies use to function, how they govern themselves and how they plan their growth. A corporate lawyer is tasked with looking out for corporate law-related issues that crop up when a business is likely to undergo challenges and significant changes related to growth. A corporate lawyer specialises in: 

  • Overseeing mergers and acquisitions
  • Restructuring the business for better clarity and efficiency
  • Corporate litigation

Corporate lawyers are experts in creating partnership agreements that clarify roles, prevent disputes over disbursements and help everyone stay focused on the goals of the company.

Duties of a Commercial Lawyer Melbourne 

Professional commercial or business lawyers in Melbourne specialise in matters related to commercial activities in which a business is engaged. Much of the work a commercial lawyer does has to do with contracts, transfer of property and trade laws related to the region in which the business operates.

A commercial lawyer helps to:

  • protect a company’s intellectual property
  • apply for patents
  • create robust employment contracts that protect the company’s interests

A commercial lawyer is also an expert in consumer law, contract law, labour and property law and international trade law.

Commercial Lawyer in Melbourne

At Melbourne Law Studio, we are proud to work closely with small and large businesses in Victoria to help protect them from the challenges of modern business and to secure their growth in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Contact us today for personalised legal solutions for mergers, acquisitions, employee contracts, shareholder agreements and more.

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