Common Child Custody Arrangements | Melbourne Law Studio

Your family’s story will be different from any other family – and that’s ok. No matter what your unique circumstances are, there are child custody options that can ensure your child thrives.  We want to make the transition into the next stage of your family life as smooth as possible. Keep reading – on this […]

Commercial Contract Drafting : Back to Basics

commercial contract drafting

Given the impact of COVID-19, it is not surprising that lawyers have found themselves taking on work that is outside of their usual scope. The legal industry, like so many, is doing its best to adapt as quickly as possible. Lawyers are undoubtedly remarkable creatures, but all skills are limited to experience – or lack […]

Professional Divorce: Chase the Vision not the Memory

melbourne professional divorce

Running a business can be challenging at the best of times. Given that a majority of businesses are currently experiencing something closer to the worst, it is understandable that we have seen an increase in enquiries about rights and options with respect to leaving a business relationship. It can be confusing trying to work out […]

Litigation Preparation

Melbourne litigation preparation

Utilizing mediation to avoid a debacle Over the years I have had numerous discussions with clients about the importance of planning and pre-trial preparation. ‘Let’s wait to see what happens at mediation‘ is a common position for both lawyers and clients, in circumstances where a report or valuation would be more useful before, rather than […]

Feel the Burn: Misleading Marketing

Australian Consumer Law after Voltaren

ACCC warns companies on penalties for breaching Australian Consumer Law after Voltaren advertising fail We have all been there – you’re at the supermarket in front of 10 shelves filled to the brim with 100 varieties of the same brand toothpaste or ibuprofen or paracetamol. So what does it all mean? Are they the same […]

Dylan Voller Refuses To Be Click Bait

Dylan Voller preliminary legal issue

Freedom of speech is already a controversial topic when it comes to media platforms but it is about to become a whole lot harder following a recent Facebook defamation claim. Dylan Voller is suing three media companies over Facebook comments posted in response to stories they had published about him. The preliminary legal issue was whether, […]

Regulating the Internet: Tighter Restrictions and More Accountability

digital services act - regulating the internet

Digital Services Act on the horizon for end of 2020 In March 2020 The European Commission launched a public consultation on a proposed new Digital Services Act package, which could have significant implications for online operators and all those impacted by their activities. The consultation, which is open until 8 September 2020, covers a wide […]

Lawyers and Technology

lawyers and technology

Let’s talk about the value, shall we? How many of us practitioners have heard or used the following: “That seems reasonable.” “That seems sensible.” “That would be appropriate.” Why then, is it so difficult to accept that drastic changes in our world should result in necessary changes to our profession? These changes being reasonable, sensible […]