Frequently Asked Questions: De Facto Separations, VIC

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A relationship is considered ‘de facto’ when it involves two people who are not married but live together on a domestic basis. Although an individual does not have to go through a legal process to end such a relationship, they may be entitled to property rights and child support if they meet certain requirements. Contact […]

Difference Between Family Lawyer & Divorce Lawyer

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Family law is a broad legal field that covers a range of matters, and while divorce law can certainly be considered a subset of family law, it is important to understand the differences between the two. Family law lawyers Melbourne-wide are more than capable of assisting you with protecting your personal interests during a divorce, […]

How is Child Custody Determined in Australia?

Child custody

While the word ‘custody’ is not a legal term in Australia, it is a widely understood term that helps us to explore the subject without using too much legal jargon. For the purposes of this article, we use the word ‘custody’ to mean parental responsibility following separation. A separation or divorce custody agreement for children […]

How Do I Start the Marriage Separation Process?

Marriage Separation Process

While divorce refers to the specific legal process of ending a marriage, the separation process starts with a decision by one person or both people in the relationship. Separation starts when you bring the relationship to an end by ceasing to live together as a couple. While this decision is personal, it does have legal […]

Splitting Your Assets During a Divorce

Splitting Your Assets During a Divorce

If the divorcing couple owns property or other significant assets together, it can be difficult to know what to do in this situation. Whether you divide your assets before or during the divorce, splitting assets is a separate process. You may be able to come to an amicable agreement, determine your entitlements through the Federal […]

So, What Does a Divorce Cost in Melbourne?

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The Australian divorce process can be straightforward and inexpensive. When disputes and disagreements arise, this can change. An experienced, compassionate Melbourne family lawyer at Melbourne Law Studio can help you better understand the factors that influence the cost and guide you through the process. First, we discuss what is NOT covered in a divorce application. […]

The Divorce Process in Melbourne: Start to Finish

The Divorce Process

Getting a divorce in Victoria can be a reasonably straightforward process depending on the circumstances. If you and your partner are on the same page, the process can be fairly stress-free when you enlist help from one of our lawyers. Below we look at how to get a divorce in Australia from start to finish […]

How Quickly Can You Get a Divorce Finalised in Victoria?

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People often wonder how they can get a divorce quickly. This is understandable if the marriage has become untenable and they want to move on as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as getting a divorce quickly in Australia. However, the Australian divorce process can be faster depending on the circumstances, which the […]

Starting a Divorce Application Victoria: What to Know

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Family law is a complex area of law and divorce proceedings are no different. Before you apply for a divorce, Victoria based couples should keep some of the following considerations in mind and consider seeking advice from an experienced family lawyer. Below, the team at Melbourne Law Studio has summarised some of the most pertinent […]

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Divorce in Victoria?

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In Australia, you don’t necessarily need a lawyer to get divorced. In fact, many people apply for a divorce without using a lawyer, especially when the divorce is fairly straightforward. However, it’s important to note that a divorce does not sort out issues relating to children or property. Division of property must be completed within […]