Contract Drafting: Leave it To the Professionals, VIC

A contract is a document that clearly outlines obligations agreed upon by two or more parties. Contracts are enforceable by law and breaching them can lead to serious consequences. While it is possible for an individual to draft a contract themselves, even the slightest ambiguity or omission in a contract can lead to conflict, confusion, […]

Differences Between Commercial and Corporate Law, VIC

While corporate and commercial law have a lot in common, they specialise in certain aspects related to a business venture. Whether you are looking for a specialist business lawyer Melbourne entrepreneurs rely on, or a commercial lawyer Melbourne companies trust for consumer law-related matters, the first step is to understand what each lawyer offers. In […]

What Constitutes a Breach of Contract in Melbourne?

business contract lawyer

Whether you are an individual or a business entering a contract, you should be aware of the conditions under which the contract could be breached. Based on the specifics of the contract, you or the other party could unintentionally commit a breach which could lead to legal action. More often than not, breaches are caused […]

Do Small Businesses Need a Commercial Lawyer? Melbourne

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Here at Melbourne Law Studio, we find that most business owners choose to hire a commercial lawyer when faced with a serious issue such as litigation. Although a business lawyer is more than equipped to assist in such situations, using their services for damage control may not yield the best results. A commercial lawyer is […]

Protect Your Business with a Commercial Lawyer, VIC

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Doing business in today’s rapidly changing world can seem overwhelming, even for the sharpest entrepreneurial minds. There are a number of ways in which a business is vulnerable, and you have responsibilities to those who have invested large sums of money in your dream. If you are feeling even a little bit daunted, Melbourne Law […]

Partnership Disputes in VIC and How to Mitigate Them

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However large or successful a business may become; the entire edifice can come apart if there are unresolved disputes between partners. Business partnerships often involve capable, dynamic individuals with strong opinions about the way the company should be run. Quite naturally, this can lead to disputes that have the potential to affect profit, slow growth […]

When Can a Commercial Lawyer in Melbourne Assist You?

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In an increasingly globalised business environment where competition is fierce and room for error is virtually non-existent, having a commercial litigation specialist in your corner is vitally important. At Melbourne Law Studio, our team of hand-picked commercial lawyers works closely with clients to give you the edge in a business landscape where the ability to […]

What is Corporate and Commercial Litigation in Melbourne?

Commercial and corporate litigation

When business disputes extend beyond negotiations and cannot be resolved, litigation is often the next step to settle an issue. When consulting commercial litigation lawyers Melbourne businesses are often looking for remedies such as monetary damages, the honouring of contracts or the termination of a contract.  A litigation lawyer at Melbourne Law Studio can help […]

Everything a Dispute Resolution Lawyer Can Assist You with in Melbourne

Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Dispute resolution lawyers can help resolve legal disputes between businesses, employees and employers, business partners and shareholders, and more. This can help fairly resolve matters while avoiding expensive and timely court proceedings.  At Melbourne Law Studio, our team has extensive experience in business dispute law and can manage a variety of business-related disputes at both […]

What to Include in Your Shareholders Agreement

Shareholder agreement lawyer

There is no single form of shareholders agreement that is correct. What you include will ultimately vary according to the type of company, what your shareholders agree upon and any other relevant factors.  At Melbourne Law Studio, a business contract lawyer from our team can help Victorian companies draft tailored shareholders agreements suited to their […]