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4 simple steps to finding the right Business Litigation Lawyers Melbourne

So, what does hiring a Commercial Litigation Lawyer involve?

Our aim is to ensure you know where you stand and that your best interests are recognised and protected at every stage of the litigation process. Generally, you can expect the following when engaging a business dispute lawyer:

  1. You attend your free initial consultation with your Melbourne business litigation lawyer
  2. You work together to gather information and documents in support of your case
  3. All parties participate in mediation to reach a faster resolution (this can be either at the behest of the parties or ordered by the Court)
  4. You engage in litigation if a commercially sound outcome can’t be reached via mediation

If you are considering hiring a business litigation lawyer Melbourne, read on. It’s worth learning more about what each of these steps involves.

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Step 1: Book your initial consultation with your Business Litigation Lawyer

Your free 15-minute consultation helps us understand your expectations and the outcome you want to achieve. It is at this point that we evaluate the merits of your case and provide you with practical, honest advice on how to proceed. 

We’ll also take the time to show you what the typical costs of hiring a business litigation lawyer in Melbourne are. Our aim is to ensure that costs you may be facing – whether they are financial, reputational, or other – can be limited by strategising towards a quick resolution to your matter. 

If you do wish to proceed, you’ll need to sign a client services agreement, which will include your costs estimate.

Step 2: We work together to collate relevant information, prepare documentation and conduct initial research

Once you’ve decided to use our litigation law services, we’ll begin taking instructions and gathering information. This process involves promptly collecting any documentation that is relevant to your dispute, articulating your position on the matter, and corresponding with other parties who may be involved.

Our efficient, thorough approach in this area is one of the many reasons we’ve built a reputation for being the business litigation lawyers Melbourne business owners trust with their matters. We understand that when your business is on the line, every day counts.

commercial litigation

Step 3: Your commercial litigation lawyer will develop your mediation strategy

Mediation is an essential step in the litigation process. In fact, dispute lawyers Victoria-wide must engage in formal mediation prior to a trial or final hearing. There are many ways you can benefit from mediation:

In many cases, our business litigation lawyers are able to use their exceptional negotiation skills, tact, and tenacity to reach a preferable outcome through mediation. If you’re searching for business litigation lawyers which Melbourne businesses can rely on to act in their best interests, it’s essential you find a lawyer who understands the importance of mediation.

Step 4: Formal litigation commences

Unfortunately, not all matters can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution processes like mediation. When it is clear that no agreement can be reached through mediation, your business litigation lawyer will advise you on your litigation strategy. This strategy will involve preparing for trial in the court or tribunal best-suited to your matter.

At Melbourne Law Studio, our commercial litigation lawyers have experience at all levels of the Victorian judiciary. From the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), through to the Supreme Court, we have lawyers and barristers with the experience you need to feel confident about your case. 

Schedule your free consultation with the commercial litigation lawyers Melbourne businesses trust, today.

When it’s time to partner with a business litigation lawyer, Melbourne business owners know the firm to turn to. Our team of savvy commercial litigation lawyers have experience acting for plaintiffs and defendants across the spectrum of legal issues that will arise throughout your business’ lifecycle. 

From the first letter of demand, to the last appeal, our business litigation lawyers will craft and implement a strategy based on your desired outcomes and your business’ needs.

Not all law firms understand the complexities of operating a business in the real world. Whether you need contract negotiation, dispute resolution, or representation in court, leave the litigation to us. You’ve got a business to run. 

What type of matters would a business litigation lawyer near me deal with?

With the help of an experienced business litigation lawyer, Melbourne business owners can get a range of legal issues resolved in one location. There’s no need to specifically find business partnership dispute lawyers or debt recovery experts. Your business’s solicitor should have the depth of knowledge and experience needed to meet all of your legal needs.
At Melbourne Law Studio, we offer a range of commercial litigation law services, and regularly provide our clients assistance with:

If you can’t see your particular matter listed, don’t hesitate to contact us. The list we provide isn’t exhaustive as commercial law within itself is broad and as such, so are the matters we deal with.

Your Business Litigation Lawyers Melbourne FAQs

Here are some of the common questions our clients ask us when considering Business Litigation

It is a lawyers job to help you determine whether you have a claim or a defence. Not all matters proceed to litigation and a careful analysis of the facts is important to figure out where you stand and what you could potentially gain (or lose). If you’re still hesitant about booking a free consultation with a commercial litigation lawyer, you can always contact the Victorian Small Business Commissioner first to take advantage of their information on disputes resources.
You can save time and money by browsing through the Business Victoria website, where you’ll find a wealth of information on the legal requirements involved in running a business and responding to any disputes that may arise. Keep in mind that although there are basics which apply across the board, there are instances where a lawyer and your accountant can help you maximise your income and reduce tax by advising on the best structure for you.
This court is reserved for more complex commercial cases and not all matters related to businesses and business litigation will be heard in the Commercial Court. You can click to view a full list of the types of matters the Commercial Court deals with.
Don’t panic, you don’t have to respond yourself but you cannot ignore it. Even if you receive a letter of demand, it still remains to be seen whether the claims within the letter are legitimate. A party who send a letter of demand does not automatically have their debt claim validated by virtue of the letter just being sent. There is a process to follow in collecting debts and similarly, in fighting unfair debt claims. An experienced lawyer will be able to tell you how to respond to the letter and on what basis you do or don’t have to pay the amount sought from you.

If you receive a statement of claim (also known as a complaint), this means that someone is initiating formal legal proceedings against you. The relevant paperwork has been filed with the Court by the person initiating the claim. We call this person the plaintiff. You must respond to a statement of claim within the timeframe dictated by law. You do this by filing a defence. If you don’t respond quickly enough, the other party will be able to obtain judgment against you (referred to as default judgment), which may include an order for you to pay the damage. If you do file a defence in time, you become the defendant in the proceeding.

You should seek legal advice from a commercial litigation lawyer as soon as you become aware of any statement of claim made against you, preferably even earlier so that your lawyer can try and prevent it from happening in the first place Once the matter has commenced, your lawyer can draft a response, advise you on your prospects as well as on the potential outcomes. They can also determine the facts if there is a counterclaim to be pursued on your behalf.

Are you ready to get answers to your business litigation questions? We have commercial litigation lawyers Melbourne wide available to book your free 15 minute consultation. 
We want your time with us to be as convenient as possible, so when you contact us, just let us know which type of meeting you’d prefer:

In person: Meet us at our office in Melbourne city, or enquire about a home visit. 
Over the phone: Request a call-back at a time that suits your lifestyle.
Facetime/Zoom/Skype: Book a videoconference for a convenient face-to-face consultation.

business litigation lawyers melbourne

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